| He/they | Pokémon, Furry, Taur and Unusual OC artist |

Welcome to my Carrd! You can find examples and my prices here :3, please do not forget to visit my TOS before ordering ^^
Also add me on Discord! I’m much more easily contacted there!

Commission Status: Ask for availability

Turn around time is 1-3 days, wait can take longer if stuff comes up, I will notify you if this happens

Comm Sheets






Form Pages


-Please contact either via Discord, Kofi or Twitter. I will be more likely to see you then Furaffinity or any other social media
-Takes 1 to 3 days depending on queue and irl stuff
-I take payment after the rough sketch is approved, I will send a link to Kofi or PayPal if paying digitally
-Extra characters are plus 75% of the base price
-Taurs have a fee depending on limb count. Past 12 limbs it is $5 per pair. This includes arms, legs and wings
-Double or multi taurs have a fee of $5 per body, Cerberus designs have a $2 fee per head after the first one (would only be $4 if two extra heads are added)

Prices in USD, PayPal and Kofi only
Will take gift cards such as, Amazon or Barnes and Noble if you cannot pay digitally